Managerial Behavior and Business Communication

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Master in Management MIM M2 group: Project Management & Business Engineering

Objectifs pédagogiques

This module enables you, as future managers, to enhance your personal ability to communicate with people in work organization and thus, affords significant levers for finally improving client satisfaction, employee motivation and corporate good will.
1. To become aware of the methodological toolbox and practices of Business communication in order to develop managerial dimension and assume greater responsibilities in managing people & client relationship.
2. To acquire the abilities for self-insurance, personal openness, independent insight, value sharing and welcoming diversity
3. To work on oneself and develop a new approach of the environment avoiding the pitfall of self-centeredness
4. To approach course content and applications in a useful, practical, managerial way.


How do we think, sense and relate to the world
  • Brain and thinking processes
  • Brain and emotional processes
  • Brain and deciding processes
  • Language, emotion and ideas
The basis of work and business communication
  • Basic tools: communication models
  • Processes: communications behaviours and techniques
  • Framework of relevant communication
  • Neuro-linguistics programming and sensory channel
  • Meta-programs and wording
Integrating the personal profile of communication
  • Understand and integrate the differences of communication profile
  • How people develop their social relationship style,
  • How people set up their relation to the time
  • How people have a specific decision-making
  • How to develop an efficient and dedicated communication strategy
Communicating to manage people:
  • How to master an efficient questioning strategy
  • How to create a powerful argument to convince
  • Organise up-down, down-up and transverse communication
Basic notions of leadership
  • Understanding leadership and management
  • Organising delegation and create empowerment
  • Managing delegation: framework and tools
  • Adapting delegation to the collaborators: situational management
Influencing persons and groups
  • Basic notions of ethical leadership
  • How to use the resources of a group for sustainable organisation
  • How to pilot change
  • How to create a good allies strategy to gain influence

Modalité d'évaluation

Acquisition of methodological tools (in-class follow-up)    
In-class participation                                                           
Professor’s discretion                                                           
Final examination                                                                

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Sophie Le Liboux

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