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The programs of Master in Management MIM cover the 4 different Master degrees:
  • MR13403A Master in International Business and Corporate Development
  • MR11802A Master in E-Business and Digital Marketing
  • MR12002A Master in Project Management and Business Engineering
  • MR12102A Master in Sustainable Development and Quality Management

Objectifs pédagogiques

It is today more than ever necessary to manage someone's own career. Employees and entrepreneurs have the same common element, defining their future in terms of business project or professional career. This course is especially important for young graduates without or lack of professional experiences. The goal of this class is to assist students to define career objectives, understand today's business world, companies' systems and job market, then to prepare themselves to be ready for job search by powerful resume writing and present professionally to companies.
Students may be coached individually afterwards to be able to handle future interviews with full confidence.

Compétences visées

  • Developing a career plan implies a strategy in order to communicate your goals and key points in a clear, straightforward manner. From this important basic, the communication in organization will be approached.
  • The best strategy for the good job sourcing, job interview styles, effective presentations and public speaking skills are fundamental in contemporary business. Developing the confidence and capability to give good self-introduction, and to stand up in front of an audience, a jury, a recruiter or a professional from a recruitment agency are also extremely helpful competencies for self-development too.
  • The topic of the best self-business communication for a good result as actor in an organization will have a strong influence for the career development, so we will focus also on this key-dimension. This course will provide practical advice by a deductive approach and exercises. But, nowadays, specific challenges exist for new managers regarding their attitude with information cycle and communication needs. Therefore case studies and documents concerning the importance and the diversity of communications actions within the company will be analyzed with the objective to prepare the students for these new managerial behaviors in an international context.
  • How to put forward one’s personal assets to enhance one’s career? How to stand out from the others and express one’s strengths without fear? And how to understand communication’s mechanisms? The answers will be the main aims. of the course.


This class is set out through workshops that cover the topics:
- The principles of CV and motivation letter (French market)
- The pillars of job Interview (based on behavior analysis, interview roleplays) 
- The methodologies, techniques and advice about job finding techniques and tools (assisting by experts in HRM in companies and alumni with experiences of finding jobs and internships in companies)
Main themes of the course:
  • Management of the basic tools for recruitment
  • How to build your personal career strategy?
  • Digital communication
  • Interpersonal and intercultural skills for international career
  • The understanding of a business context for your communication’s strategy
  • To carry out one’s personal audit
  • To be more assertive

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Cnam - IIM - EPN stratégies - Programmes Master in Management (MIM)
EPN15, 2 rue Conté bureau 31.2.31
75003 Paris
Tel :00 33 1 58 80 85 64
Sophie Le Liboux

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