Consulting and Change Management

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Anne-Gaelle JOLIVOT

Public, conditions d’accès et prérequis

Master 2 in International Business and Corporate Development (MR13403A) or Master 2 in Sustainable Development and Quality Management

Objectifs pédagogiques

Change is a constant agent in the life of a successful firm. Many managers are often resistant to or even fearful of change. This course is primarily intended for students considering possible careers as managing change consultants in an international environment. The aim of the course is to acquire the skills that are essential for handling a change management project within your company or as an external consultant.
It will first introduce students to project management, an then review the tools and methods to successfully implement change management projects and to effectively plan and lead change. It will focus on the acquisition of pro-active and proven methodology and adapted behavior, tailored to the specific demands and requirements of companies where decision makers are faced with a fast-changing globalized context on a daily basis.
This course focuses on the management of different corporate cultures within multinationals and domestic firms facing multicultural environments.

Compétences visées

At the end of the course, students will understand:
  • who is impacted by change and who the major stakeholders are
  • what scope change management covers
  • the different approaches conducting change management projects (diagnosis, methods, tools, action plan, roll out, budget, customer relationship management, KPI).
  • which technical and cultural skills are to be developed in order to deliver successful change management & consulting services.
  • Impact of corporate culture and multi-culture on change
  • the required postures and behavior as an agent of change


  • Project management basics
  • Change management in a digital context
  • Consultant: role, skills, ethic 
  • Major steps for change implementation
  • Methodology 
  • People:  Stakeholder mapping,  Role of the HR team, Multicultural management teams within a transformation program
  • Wrap up: Preparing for change, Managing change, Reinforcing change, Tips for managing change
  • Business case study

Modalité d'évaluation

Individual and group work, class participation.

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Cnam - IIM - EPN stratégies - Programmes Master in Management (MIM)
EPN15, 2 rue Conté bureau 31.2.31
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